The Drivers Behind Atlanta Driving Society

With almost four decades combined of driving and instructing at High Performance Driving Events (HPDE), Atlanta Driving Society founders Andy May and Michael Orlando noted that many organizations consistently had overfilled run groups, a members only vibe, and a lack of structure and organization. Michael and Andy founded Atlanta Driving Society in 2019 with the goal of resolving issues like these to preserve the art and joy of driving.

With this goal in mind Michael and Andy focused on creating HPDE events for the drivers, an event where the focus was on building driving skills and having fun in a safe environment, an event where everyone felt welcome. Atlanta Driving Society has made great progress towards these goals and is continually looking for ways to make their events even better.

In just a few short years Atlanta Driving Society has attracted a diverse group of like minded drivers whose love for the sport and welcoming personalities make every event special. If you haven’t experienced HPDE the Atlanta Driving Society way what are you waiting for?